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Has teaching sapped your energy? Do the budding sprouts in your care stare at you with wooden expressions, while you are “board” out of your mind? Sycamore of the same old, same old? Pining to get away?

Tap into the energy of EEAI! Rooted in the Environmental Literacy Plan, what transpires at the 2017 conference will help you branch out. Seek the light and discover your preconceptions falling away as we revisit evergreen topics and nurture new ideas. Don’t bark up the wrong tree - plant the seed, and mark your calendar now as we graft a forest of activities for you to transplant to your own plot. It’s simple, arbor no doubts – blossom with us in 2017! Yew’d be nuts not to.


Save the date for now ... more info will be added later.


If you wish to help with the planning process or to volunteer please contact Bernadette deLeon at mailto:deleon@indiana.edu


To download the flyer including the daily schedule, click here

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