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1:30 Session

Birding by Ear with Annie Aguirre

Augmented Reality Sandbox with Jordan Beehler

10 Lakes Canoe Trip with Wawasee Area Conservancy Foundation (This Field Trip leaves at 1:30 because it takes an extended time)


2:30 - 5:30 Field Trips

Kinder Forest- Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center

Caproratta Family Natural Area - ACRES Land Trust

River Preserve History Tour - Elkhart County Parks

Going Green in Goshen




9:00 Session 1

Plant ID with Scott Namesnik

Nature Sketching with Mark Daniels

Saving the World Through Bumper Stickers with Jim Poyser

10:30 Session 2

Paper Collage with Hannah Burnworth

The Atlatl with Patrick McGuire

Joe the Failed Naturalist with Paul Steury


1:30 Session 3

Fire by Friction with Matt Shull

Kaleidoscopes with Dinah Fuller

Edible Plants with Paul Steury

Slugs –Write yourself a song with the Slugs.


Activities: Saturday 9:15a-12:15p Climbing Tower Open, Boating Open

Saturday 1:30p-4:30 Climbing Tower Open, Boating Open; Flying Squirrel 3:00p-4:00p, 4:00p-5:00p (Minimum 9 to run a session... Assuming adults lifting adults)



8:30 Session

Trip planning with Jabin Burnworth

Bird Banding with Jerry Sweeten

How to read the land. Geology at your school and place with John Mischler

Activities: Sunday 8:30a-9:45p Climbing Tower, Boating

Notes about Activities


Rowboats and Canoes- 5th grade to use

Kayaks-7th grade to use

Sailing- 7th grade and previous experience to use

*If anyone in a boat is below the above grades, a person age 16 or older must be in the boat

*Lifejackets are required to be worn at all times while in a boat.  We have boundaries on the lake marked with buoys and use a flag to call boats in.

*If persons bring their own boats (I know some people bring kayaks)- They can boat at any time and are not under Camp Mack supervision or rules (Waubee is a public lake)

Climbing Tower: (We did have a person call about family day seeing if their 5 year old can climb)

*Zip Line will NOT be open

*Minimum age of 8 *May be able to do younger but the harness and helmet need to fit them properly

Flying Squirrel:

*Minimum age of 8 (Once again, the harness and helmet must fit them properly)

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