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Pre-Conference Workshop

Telemetry for Outdoor Education: Infusing inquiry practices into learning activities

Radio telemetry is a method used by many wildlife researchers that you can do at your site! During this three hour outdoor workshop participants will learn lesson plans and generate discussions on teaching telemetry in a classroom setting while practicing hands-on activities which engage learners in authentic practices used by scientists and wildlife managers. 

Radio telemetry is one method used to collect data to inform decisions about wildlife and habitat management here in Indiana. By letting learners experience the process of tracking animals using telemetry equipment, they can understand how researchers collect data to answer questions about movement, habitat usage, and other important factors, and then use that information to help manage a property or a population more effectively.


Tom J. McConnell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Science Education

Dept. of Biology

Ball State University


Erica Forstater

Environmental Education and Greenhouse Coordinator

College of Sciences and Humanities

Ball State University

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