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Barn Dance

Social dancing had a rich history in rural America. Old time music by Entwyned and the expert teaching and calling of Mark Richardson will make your feet move.

Mark draws upon twenty-five plus years of watching and participating in a social folk dance with its roots in all corners of this country. Circle mixers from the Northeast and the Southeast. Square dances from those two locations and the West and Contra dances from everywhere. He picks an active but easy mix suitable for whomever he works with. Participation is expected!

Entwyned is John Paolillo on mandolin-family instruments (mandola, bouzouki, and mandocello, among others) and Twy Bethard on fiddle and keyboard. They play compelling Celtic-influenced melodies and friendly old-time tunes, accented with influences from world music, popular tunes, and swing, and driven by a lively rhythmic flow. They specialize in playing for contradances and other community dances.

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