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EEAI 2021 Field Trips – Saturday, November 13th

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Underground Adventure at Marengo Cave - $34                                                             

Explore the world of caves as we crawl, scramble, wade, learn about cave biology, and be one with the mud!  You are guaranteed to get wet and you’ll want to dress warm as this adventure is at least three hours long.  We recommend two layers of old clothes (arms and legs must be covered), boots or other old sturdy shoes, kneepads (highly recommended), gloves, and a plastic bag for your muddy clothes afterward.  Helmet and light will be supplied.  

Participants will need to sign a waiver (we will have paper copies available at the conference).

Participants will carpool to the location. 45 minute drive.

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Raptors at Patoka Lake - $0  

(ADA Accessible)            

Learn about Patoka Lake’s raptors in an educational program and then embark on a hike to explore some of the park’s features such as rock shelters used by American Indian hunting parties, freshwater jellyfish, river otters, and osprey.  The park is great for birdwatching.  There are ADA accessible trails but they are a bit hilly.  Hiking route will be determined based on group’s abilities and desires.

Participants will carpool to the location. 1 hr drive. Program scheduled for 2pm.

Best trails in Spring Mill State Park, Indiana | AllTrails 

Spring Mill Nature Preserves Hike - $0                                    

Hike 2.5 miles on Spring Mill’s trail 3, traveling through three nature preserves along the way.  This trail has been called a “museum of karst topography” due to its remarkable geological features.  Park Naturalist Sheree will tell you everything there is to know about Spring Mill and its various highlights during this 1.5 hr hike that gains 134 feet in elevation.

Hike scheduled for 1pm-2:30pm.

River cave entrance cave river valley | Washington Co. India… | Flickr 

Cave River Valley Hike - $0                     

Cave River Valley, just down the road from Spring Mill, offers a beautiful and rugged area where you can enjoy a waterfall, remnants of a mill, and caves.  This 3.3 mile loop trail won’t get you into a cave but you will learn all about the natural and cultural history of the location from our Spring Mill area expert, Sheree.  This hike takes about 2.5 hours and has an elevation gain of 400 feet.

Participants will carpool to the location. 15 min drive.  Hike scheduled to leave Spring Mill at 3pm and return 5:30pm.

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Wildlife and Wine – $48      

(ADA Accessible)

Head to Wilstem Wildlife Park for an animal safari and giraffe educational encounter and then try all the wines you want at a local winery.  The drive-thru safari features more than 40 species of wild animals included sloth, aoudad, bison, eland, emu, grizzly bear, lemur, and the endangered scimitar horned ornyx (animal feed can be purchased on site for $2).  We’ll also get up close and personal with a pair of giraffes where we’ll feed them, pet them, and take photos with them.  The end of our day features French Lick Winery where you can try any of their 26 wines (wine tasting fee is included in the base price).

Participants will need to sign a waiver for the wildlife park (we will have paper copies available at the conference).  Additional wine purchases beyond tasting fees are not included.

Participants will carpool to the location. 30 minute drive. Giraffe encounter is scheduled for 1:30pm and the winery (while flexible) expects us to arrive between 3-4pm.

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