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Environmental Literacy Guidelines

Environmental literacy is the primary and overarching goal of environmental education.  Environmental literacy refers to an individual’s understanding of how their actions and decisions affect the environment.  With this knowledge, people can act on their understanding in a responsible and effective manner.

EEAI developed Indiana's Environmental Literacy Guidelines in 2008 with guidance from the North American Association for Environmental Education, the Indiana Department of Education, business leaders and nonprofit organizations.  

The ELG also aligns with Indiana Academic Standards.  You can access information about standards alignment here: ELG Indiana Standard Alignment.xlsx.

Nature Centers of Indiana

Nature center educators make up a large portion of our membership.  Indiana is full of amazing field trip opportunities and environmental educators who can visit classrooms or present for your group. If you are a teacher looking for an environmental education opportunity, check out this list to find service providers near you: NATURE CENTERS OF INDIANA.

*Thank you to Cope Environmental Center for providing this list! 

Environmental Education Links

We've spent some time gathering LOTS of resources from around the state and beyond. From environmental curriculum to green guides made for kids, you'll find something to keep your students motivated!  Check out the available resources here: ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION RESOURCES.

Lesson Plans

Need lesson plans for your classroom?  Whether you're new to the environmental education field or just looking to infuse your curriculum with new activities, this list will help you get started: ENVIRONMENTAL LESSON PLANS.

Would you like to submit a lesson plan to be included in this resource list?  We'd love to add it!  Email us at with your suggested lesson plan or field activity!

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